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MAY 17, 2021

Ban on delta-8 THC spreads as Colorado warns dispensaries

Colorado officials have moved to close a legal loophole and thereby banned sales of hemp-derived delta-8 THC. The state Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) notified Colorado…

MAY 14, 2021

Lifting of ban on medical cannabis in Japan sparks fears about CBD

While Japan’s Ministry of Health this week indicated it will lift the country’s ban on cannabis-based medicines, CBD stakeholders say they fear regulators may stop…

MAY 14, 2021

$22m stock swap completes takeover of Italian extracts maker

Cannabis pharmaceuticals maker RAMM Pharma Corp., Toronto, will complete a 100% takeover of Italian extracts specialist Canapar Corp. for ~$22 million in stock, the companies…

MAY 13, 2021

CzecHemp cluster has ambitious plans but must still fight stigma

A Czech-based hemp cluster said pushing for a stable legal environment for the sector will continue to be its main focus after developing a three-year…

MAY 12, 2021

Rule change in Minnesota cuts farmers slack on THC

Minnesota has adjusted its hemp rules to let farmers remediate crops that go over the federal limit of 0.3% THC if they do not exceed…

MAY 11, 2021

Dutch, U.S. companies agree on clone distribution deal

Dümmen Orange North America said it has secured a distribution agreement for hemp clones from Colorado-based Dutch Heritage Gardens. Under the partnership, Dutch Heritage’s Royale…

MAY 11, 2021

‘Multicanapa’ project focuses on innovation with hemp in Sicily

An initiative underway in Italy will look at ways to spread innovation to advance hemp growing and production in Sicily. “Hemp of Sicily,” an operating…

MAY 11, 2021

‘Free’ CBD scams prompt warning from Better Business Bureau

The U.S. Better Business Bureau (BBB) has issued a warning to consumers about questionable “free trial” marketing practices for CBD products. BBB said it has…

MAY 10, 2021

Second arrest made in Texas pay-to-play hemp licensing scheme

A Texas lobbyist has been charged with defrauding aspiring hemp producers in a license procurement scheme. Todd Malcolm Smith, a political consultant to Texas Agriculture…

Lobbyist Todd Smith, left, with Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller.

MAY 10, 2021

Aurora backs German program widening research horizons

Students at Germany’s Humboldt University of Berlin have expanded the horizons for research into medical cannabis through participation in the first Cannabis Research Class, an…

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